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Joshua MarrSummer 2013 – Began research to identify risk profiles for adverse events in renal transplant surgery

Spring 2013 – Took Step 1 and Step 2 exams. Completed sub-internship in Surgical Intensive Care Unit/Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit

January 2012 – Finished fundamentals of Medical School, began Major Clinical Year

Summer 2011 – Clinical Nutrition Internship sponsored by the American Society for Nutrition

August 2010 – Began medical school at P&S

June 2010 – Closed on first house in Teaneck, NJ

May 2010 – Accepted into Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons class of 2014

Fall 2009 – Began Master of Science in Nutrition Program at Columbia University

August 2009 – Re-took MCAT

Summer 2009 – Organic Chemistry II at Bergen County Community College

May 16, 2009 – Married Meredith Jean Ellis

Spring 2009 – General Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry I at Bergen County Community College, College Physics II at William Paterson University

Fall 2008 – Anatomy & Physiology II and General Chemistry I at Bergen County Community College, College Physics I at William Paterson University

Summer 2008 – Anatomy & Physiology I at Bergen County Community College

April 2008 – Took the MCAT

November 2007 – Sang with Opera in the Heights in Houston, TX

Fall 2007 – Began work for Drew & Rogers as web developer

Summer 2007 – Sang for Central City Opera, Central City, CO

Spring 2007 – Sang for Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati, OH

Fall 2006 – Worked for Drew & Rogers as account manager. Sang for Riverside Opera, Regina Opera, and Brooklyn Opera in NYC and Garden State Opera, NJ

Summer 2006 – Sang for Central City Opera, Central City, CO

Spring 2006 – Sang for Sarasota Opera, Sarasota, FL

Winter 2005 – Sang for Cantiamo Opera, NYC

Fall 2005 – Worked for Christopher Northrup, a capital campaign adviser to charitable and non-profit organizations.

Summer 2005 – Sang with Central City Opera, Central City, CO

Spring 2005 – Sang with Sarasota Opera, Sarasota, FL

Fall 2004 – Worked at the First Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, IN. Worked for the Informatics Department of Indiana University on a project to create a dynamic computerized accompaniment system using recordings of live instruments. Worked for Answer Indiana phone service.

Summer 2004 – Sang at the Brevard Music Center in Brevard, NC

Spring 2004 – Worked as substitute teacher and substitute special education teacher’s assistant. Performed Romeo in Romeo and Juliet at the Capitol Theater in Rome NY.

Fall 2003 – Illustrated the field study version of Sensory Stories, a book for children with autism that has since been published as a web book for teachers and parents working with children with autism. Taught private voice lessons and taught voice lessons to people at the Rome, NY YMCA (including some free lessons for people who couldn’t pay). Worked as substitute teacher and substitute special education teacher assistant.

Summer 2003 – 8-week intensive German language study at the Goethe-Institut in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Academic Year 2002-2003 – Completed Master’s degree. Worked as office assistant for the McGill Opera Department and designed advertisement posters for three operatic productions. Completed Military Service and was honorably discharged.

Academic Year 2001-2002 – Began Master’s studies at McGill University in Montreal, QC. After September 11, was called to active duty. Was able to finish fall semester while traveling back and forth from NEADS. Worked as full-time activated Air Force until August, 2002.

Summer 2001 – Sang at Summer Opera Lyric Theater in Toronto

Academic Year 2000-2001 – Continued study, tutoring and serving as teacher assistant. Worked for the school as a recording engineer. Began development of computer program Your Guide to Singing in Russian with Dr. Boris Loushin and Eugenia Tsarov. Composed and premiered one-act opera Our Town act iii. Premiered three new song cycles by faculty composers. Graduated summa cum laude and received SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence – one of five university recipients and 75 recipients throughout the State University of New York system.

Summer 2000 – Sang at the Summer Opera Lyric Theatre in Toronto

Academic Year 1999-2000 – Continued music study at Crane School of Music. Served as Teacher Assistant for Music Theater Performance Techniques, Conducting III and as assistant director of Crane Chamber Choir and Crane Chorus. Went on tour of British Isles with Chamber Choir and conducted the organist at a concert in Ireland. Premiered first one-act opera The Highwayman and song cycle A Peaen

Summer 1999 – Worked at Northeast Air Defense Sector. Became qualified as an identification technician.

Academic year 1998-1999 – Dropped music education major, began composition studies. Would eventually graduate with a dual major in performance and composition. Began tutoring music theory, aural skills, music literature

Summer 1998 – Worked as assistant music librarian at Central City Opera in Central City, CO.

Academic year 1997-98 – Continued music education, taught a music practicum in a Kindergarden class. Trained and became qualified as a surveillance technician at NEADS.

Summer 1997 – Attended basic military training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas. Graduated as one of two honor graduates. Attended technical school at Tyndall AFB in Florida studying the current radar system.

Spring 1997 – Cast in first of what would eventually be nine opera productions at the Crane School of Music. Added second major of performance.

November 1996 – Enlisted in the New York Air National Guard to work at the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS)

Fall 1996 – Began undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Potsdam with a major in Music Education.

Summer 1996 – Worked days at Erie Canal Village singing and giving talks on Packet Boat Rides, harnessing and helping to maintain a stable of two horses and four mules. Worked nights as an office clerk at Price Chopper grocery store, Rome NY

1996 – Graduated from Rome Free Academy, Rome NY